Happy Holidays 2012! Here's how I created a fabulous Gift Basket from Fresh and Easy

Step one - go basket shopping! You'll want a basket that would hold about one full bag of groceries. We're going to put TWO bags of goodies in it by piling it high, just like the gift baskets you see at Costco! You might try looking at Pier 1 Imports for an empty basket, or even one of the larger supermarket chains like Safeway. No luck? Try a Crafts store, or a Nursery!

Step two - Now it's time to fill the basket - to overflowing - with goodies. Thanks to Fresh and Easy, we'll have twice as many items as a Costco basket for the same price, or the same number of items for about half the price.

Here's my Fresh and Easy shopping list:

And from other stores (Fry's, believe it or not!):

Step three - Place the heavy, breakable items (the glass jars) on the bottom of the basket. Place the tin of cookies on top of the jars. Then place the tall thin items and the soft bagged items around the outside of the basket, raising the edge of the basket in the process (making a bigger basket!). I held the soft bagged items upside-down and shook them so they would not be fat at the bottom, and prematurely fill the basket.

Don't forget to face all labels OUT so the lucky recipient sees what the basket holds!

Then add layers of items, choosing items that are roughly equal in height. As a final touch, I opened the Saltwater Taffy and filled in all the spaces between the items with individual pieces. The sugar cookies, being the most fragile, went on top at the very end.

WOW! What a treat! Good luck with making your own gift baskets and Happy Holidays!

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