Accessing the 'net with DSL from my Linux system.

I have a SuSE Linux system happily purring away serving this page, among other things. It replaced an SCO UNIX system that was one of the first 200 computers on the World Wide Web in 1993 - a long time ago. The Linux system inherited the modem connection from the SCO system, with it's gradually increasing speeds, up to 56k. Well, modems, as they say, are slow. I recently signed up for SBC DSL, received an Efficient Networks SpeadStream 5360 ADSL Modem, and everything else I needed to get my Linux system on the Internet. Everything, except support. SBC does not support Linux. Never one to give up, I decided to try to make it work myself. Here is what I did:

Basically, I downloaded and installed Roaring Penguin PPPoE...

And it works!

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