Linux Music Links and Resources


The USB Driver for the Roland UM-2 USB-to MIDI adapter.
Jazz++ - Great Sequencer, merges in audio!
Midi Mountain
Ardour - professional grade multi-track hard disk recorder
aud_xmms.c - xmms plugin for Zoom .aud files
zoom2wav.c - Zoom PS02 file converter to create .wav files from the native .aud format. I tried the original version on my Linux system (K6-III, Intel bit order) and heard only noise. I changed the byte order in the wav file and now it works. I also added detection for lower bit rates, and optimized it a bit for single channel conversions. Warning: I am NOT a C programmer, I just figured this all out myself.

Resource Pages:
Over one hundred links to Linux Music resources.
Linux MIDI programming introduction.
Linux music software.
Linux MIDI music software.


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