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Introducing the Genesee Genny DIY Emergency Power Solution

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Commemorating the Worst October Snowstorm in Buffalo, NY in 137 Years

What happens when you combine the Pedal Powered Prime Mover with the right equipment to weather a power outage? You will be prepared for anything Mother Nature can throw at you, from hurricaines to blizzards, and you won't have to operate a gasoline or diesel generator, and store dangerous fuel, to do it.

Here are the benefits this little Human-powered generator can provide:

  1. Pedaling will keep you warm. It's exercise. I pedal in shorts and a tee shirt in 30 degree temperatures (my workout unit is in the garage). Even if you run out of expensive heating oil you will have a way to keep yourself (not your house) warm.
  2. You can generate enough power to run any of these alone, or in groups, AND if you are in good shape, ALL OF THEM together:

    • Sump Pump - 12 Volt or Mechanical
    • Small Television - 4 Inch screen from Walgreens, or small color LCD
    • Portable DVD player (luxury!)
    • Cell phone charger - yes, you can keep your cell charged
    • One or two Compact Fluorescent bulbs
    • Efficient Laptop Computer (NOT a desktop - too big)
    • Radio

    In Energy Fairs I have powered four Compact Fluorescent bulbs, an inkjet printer, AND a laptop all at the same time, with power to spare.

  3. Freezing cold? You can power a 12 Volt DC electric blanket to keep your family warm! This will be be moderate effort, depending on the size of the electric blanket and the power required. YOU would definitely be warm, and anyone under the blanket would be too. Take turns pedaling and share the effort. Watch a DVD and relax.

  4. You can run a pump - this Human powered sump pump would keep your sump from overflowing, even with no electricity OR city water pressure! Even a battery powered sump pump will run out quickly, and a water powered sump pump won't help if you have no water pressure. The most efficient pump would be attached directly to the Genny, and it would start and stop when you did. You could pump at a rate similar to a garden hose turned on "half way." You can generate electricity for emergency lighting at the same time!

Speaking of garden hoses, if your well pump is out, you will have no water pressure in a short time. The Genny can empty your sump through a garden hose to fill toilet tanks!

Finally, unless you are in terrible shape, you would be able to run the pump AND some of the electronic devices listed above AT THE SAME TIME:

  • Pump + Light
  • Pump + DVD Player
  • Pump + TV/Radio/Cell Charger

Or just groups of electronics:

  • DVD Player + Cell Charger
  • Light + Cell Charger + Radio
  • DVD Player + Electric Blanket

See example circuits!

All this is possible with a SINGLE PPPM, and with two, you are twice as powerful and twice as safe. The PPPM is a DIY project. You build it yourself, from plans available on this website. Since you build it yourself, you will be prepared to to maintain it yourself, and to fix it yourself if it ever breaks. You will be very self-sufficient.

Are YOU prepared for Winter? Order the plans, and build your own Genesee Genny today!

The Genesee Genny configuration is an example of the PPPM System - a tested, matched set of devices selected to maximize Human power generation.

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