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One Hour of Pedal Power - What Can You Do?

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If you built the PPPM, or your own version of a pedal generator, what could you power with it? What kinds of electrical devices could you run, and for how long? With the right circuits, you can do a lot! How much energy could you generate in 1 hour? Here is a chart to help you visualize what one hour of Pedal Power can do. Please Print and Share This Chart!

Portable Radio 50 Hours
2.5 Watt PAR 20 LED Light 40 Hours
Ultra-Efficient Refrigerator 24 Hours
4 Inch LCD Color TV 20 Hours
Cell Phone Charger 20 Hours
Clock in Turned Off Microwave 13 Hours
Mini-ITX Computer 13 Hours
Wireless Router 12 Hours
Cordless House Phone 10 Hours
AA Battery Charger 9 Hours
Inkjet Printer 8 Hours
Compact Fluorescent Bulb 6 Hours
Turned Off Television 5 Hours
20 Inch LCD Monitor 2 Hours and 13 Minutes
PlayStation 2 2 Hours and 5 Minutes
Laptop Computer 2 Hours
Laser Printer 1 Hour and 45 Minutes
14 Inch TV/DVD 1 Hour and 30 Minutes
Box Fan on Low 1 Hour and 25 Minutes
Fan in Gas Fireplace 1 Hour and 5 Minutes
Single 100 Watt Incandescent Bulb 1 Hour
Curling Iron50 Minutes 
Queensize Electric Blanket40 Minutes 
Xbox 36037 Minutes 
Refrigerator30 Minutes 
Ceiling Fan on Medium30 Minutes 
Efficient Clothes Washer30 Minutes 
High-Performance Computer24 Minutes 
Kitchen Blender20 Minutes 
PlayStation 316 Minutes 
42 Inch Plasma TV10 Minutes 
Fan in Gas Heating System10 Minutes 
1 Horsepower Well Pump8 Minutes 
Blow Dryer5 Minutes 
Microwave4 Minutes 
Electric Kettle4 Minutes 
Table Saw3 Minutes, 20 Seconds 
Average US Household3 Minutes and 40 Seconds 
Electric Car Charger3 Minutes 
Clothes Dryer1 Minute and 20 Seconds 
Tank-Type Electric Waterheater1 Minute 
House Air Conditioner50 Seconds 
Electric Home Heating System30 Seconds 
Large Electric Tankless Waterheater15 Seconds 

How did I calculate these numbers? I used a Watts Up meter. Learn more at Energy Consumption

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