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Circuit Diagram Configurations for Pedal Power Generation with the PPPM

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Use this interactive expert system circuit diagram drawing tool to plan how to power your devices:

[ Select a Device or Component Below and Press to Build Your Pedal Power Circuit ]

Select a Device - AND/OR - Select Your Components
12 Volt DC Battery Charger
12 Volt DC Audio Amplifier
12 Volt DC Air Compressor
12 Volt DC Electric Blanket
AC Electric Blanket
12 Volt DC Television
AC Television
12 Volt DC Laptop (Auto Adapter)
AC Laptop (Normal Power Supply)
AC Washing Machine
AC Light Bulb
AC Bread Machine
AC Blender
AC 20 Inch Box Fan
AC Roomba Robot Vacuum
12 Volt DC Vacuum
AC Die Grinder
12 Volt DC LGB Garden Train
Solar Panel
Shunt Regulator
Series Linear Regulator
Switching Regulator
WattsUp Meter
DC to AC Inverter
Grid-Tied Inverter
Cigar Lighter Outlets
VoltOhmMeter (VOM): Volts
VoltOhmMeter (VOM): Amps
Bypassed Diode
          --> <--       
WARNING: Use the results of this tool at your own risk! There is absolutely NO warranty that the results are valid for YOUR specific uses!

Watch a detailed movie featuring many of these components here.

Ideas? Suggestions? Don't see the circuit you need? Let me know:

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