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Of course, having a pedal generator is only interesting if you actually pedal it to generate electricity! I'm sure you would like to know what kinds of devices can be powered directly by the pedal generator, and how much pedaling will be required to power those devices. Here are some examples. In each case, the device was functioning. In other words, the Televisions had pictures, the vacuum was running, the air compressor was running, and the heating element in the coffee maker was on. The coffee maker was the most challenging. It would have been quite a workout to make a cup of coffee.

Here are the circuits I used for the experiments...

Pedal Power News Flash

I just finished a test I have been wanting to try "forever."

I directly pedaled a laptop!!!

Here are the specs:

  • PPPM - nothing special; parts as outlined in the plans.
  • Generator - as in the plans.


  • IBM Thinkpad model 2373, with battery (Says "T40" next to the screen. This laptop is a few years old.)
  • CPU: Pentium M
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Hard Disc: 42GB
The test:

First, I pedaled the Ultracapacitor up to 13 volts DC. The DC-DC converter was plugged in during this time, and the green light came on at around 7 volts.

I stopped pedaling at 13 volts. I dismounted, plugged in the laptop, and pressed the power button. It booted immediately! The Ultracapacitor voltage began to drop slowly. It took about 30 seconds to go from 13v to 12v.

At 12v I got back on the PPPM and started pedaling again. I pushed a bit to get the voltage back to 13v and then cruised at that speed, holding the voltage at 13 volts while the laptop finished booting.


So there is an example of powering a laptop with the PPPM - a total success.

In the table below, you will see "Effort" listed. Check the PPPM Science page to see specific data relating physical effort to power levels.

Here are the stats for the laptop, and other devices:

Maximum Pedal Power Output: 265 Watts for 5 Seconds
Pedal Powered Laptop Delivering a WebCast
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 3 36 Moderate - I have pedaled this laptop for 5 hours continuously.
Pedal Powered Bread Machine
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 3-9 36-108 Moderate to Strenuous. You can only pedal the kneading, not the baking. Conside a solar oven!
Pedal Powered Washing Machine
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 9 108 Moderate for wash, Strenuous for spin
Pedal Powered 12 Volt DC Electric Blanket
Volts Amps Watts Effort
14.5 4.1 60 Moderate
Pedal Powered 4.5 Inch Picture-Tube Type Black and White 12 volt Television
Volts Amps Watts Effort
9 .58 6 Almost None
10 .6 6.5 Almost None
11 .6 7 Almost None
12 .62 7.3 Almost None
Pedal Powered 4.5 Inch Liquid Crystal (LCD) Type Color Battery Powered Television
Volts Amps Watts Effort
9 .8 7 Almost None
10 .63 7 Almost None
11 .62 7 Almost None
12 .6 7.2 Almost None
Pedal Powered 12 Volt Vacuum Cleaner
Volts Amps Watts Effort
9 6.3 46 Moderate
10 5.3 55 Moderate
11 5.5 62 Moderate to Brisk
12 5.9 67 Moderate to Brisk
Pedal Powered 12 Volt Air Compressor
Volts Amps Watts Effort
9 6.3 60 Moderate
10 7.5 72 Moderate to Brisk
11 9 93 Brisk
12 10 120 Brisk to Strenuous
Pedal Powered 12 Volt Drip Coffee Maker
Volts Amps Watts Effort
7 6.6 50 Moderate
8 7.5 60 Moderate
9 8.3 75 Moderate to Brisk
10 9.2 95 Brisk
11 10.1 110 Brisk to Strenuous
12 11.5 130 Strenuous
Pedal Powered Portable DVD Player
Volts Amps Watts Effort
7 1.5 10.5 Easy
8 1.3 10.4 Easy
9 1.1 9.9 Easy
10 1 10 Easy
11 .9 9.9 Easy
12 .9 10.8 Very Easy
Pedal Powered Cell Phone Charger, Charging 2 Phones Simultaneously
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 .15 1.8 No Effort at All. Charge a dozen or more simultaneously.
Pedal Powered Electric LGB Garden Train
Volts Amps Watts Effort
15 2 30 Almost None (Slow) to Moderate (Highball)
DSL Modem and Wireless Router - Pedal Powered WiFi Hotspot
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 2 25 Moderate
Die Grinder - Hand-Held, Variable Speed - Set at MAX Speed
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 5.2 65 Brisk
Battery Charger, Ray-O-Vac Model PS3 Charging 4 D Cell Rechargeable Alkalines
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 .9 10.5 Very Easy. These are "D" Cells - the largest. "AA"s would be even easier. Charge a dozen or more at one time with multiple chargers.
Roomba Discovery (Robot Vacuum Cleaner)
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 2.4 28.8 Moderate
Large Old-fashioned Soldering Iron
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 5.5 65 Brisk
Makita 12 Volt Battery Drill - Wired to PPPM (no battery), 1/2 Inch Bit in Wood
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 8.5 102 Strenuous
Toro Recycler Cordless 24 Volt Lawn Mower - Charging via Inverter
Volts Amps Watts Effort
12 2.5 25 Moderate

These statistics are example of the power generated by the PPPM System - a tested, matched set of devices selected to maximize Human power generation.

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