Spirit of the 60's CD

I wrote this back in 2002:

Help! I ordered one of these so I could listen to the great oldies from the 60's. I received it and discovered it's a two CD set. I listened to the music on the first CD, and then I started to listen to the second. Wait a minute! I had already heard those songs!

Surprise!! Both CD's are Disk One!!

Somewhere out there, someone received a set with both CD's being Disk Two. Like to trade one of your Disk Two CD's for one of my Disk One CD's ?? Send me a note if so.

And thanks to the incredible World Wide Web, in 2006 I received a note through the form below from someone who only had Disc 2 !! Yes, the story has a happy ending. We exchanged Discs and each of us has a complete album now. The world has indeed shrunk thanks to the Internet.

First and Last Name:

Please let me know how we can arrange the swap in the area below:

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