Young turkey gobbler,
with highly arched head,
gazed at his mates gatherd round.
Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, he earnestly said,
and not one of us must be found!

From: Early 1900's, says my Mother-in-law

She only remembers that first verse.
Remember all the lines?  Send them to me!
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And unbelieveably, here is the entire poem, sent to me by a kind soul:

Young Turkey Gobbler, with highly arched head,
Looked at his mates gathered 'round;
"Tomorrow's Thanksgiving," he earnestly said,
"and not one of us must be found;

For I heard the farmer tell his wife
That he would only kill three -
And all the while he sharpened his knife
He kept his eye on me."

- Lesbia Briant

The date on the paper is Friday Afternoon , November 25, 1921