Los Gatos, California, USA

Plaza marks the center of the Town, where a historic Fire Bell has been
restored to operational condition.  The Town Plaza is the focal point of
many Los Gatos events.

What's New in Los Gatos

Travelers and Visitors

Los Gatos is located in the South Bay part of the San Francisco Bay Area, near San Jose. The town can be found just off Highway 17 (known as "the hill" to locals) as the highway begins to climb into the Santa Cruz mountains.

Helpful information for travelers and visitors is available, including maps of the area, pictures of the town, and lists of businesses with contact information. Interesting facts have been collected to provide you with "inside information." You can even check the weather!

Town Businesses and Prospective Businesses

Los Gatos provides a showcase environment for businesses, large and small. The historic buildings, scenic location and ease of access to the Town are all part of the magic that make Los Gatos a desirable place to visit and do business.

The Los Gatos Free Business Listings

General Business Information

Local Residents

Residents and Friends:
Help Build the Town Website!

Town information is available in this area. Look for local government information, resident home pages and alumni associations. You might also take a look at the Town Website Awards page.

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