Nine Lives Voted Best Consignment Store in Los Gatos

Best Consignment Shop: Nine Lives

Nine Lives is as picky and fastidious as any feline about the clothes it will accept for consignment--but its customers reap the benefits. The brochure taped by the front door (and available on the store's website) says it all: "No out-of-date clothes. No clothing that is worn or in disrepair. No costumes." The store expects to sell the clothing at no more than 25 percent of its retail price when new.

Nine Lives likes impulse buys, wrong sizes, clothes with the original tags still on. This is a first-quality consignment clothing store, offering customers well-made, long-wearing name brand clothing at an affordable price. The goal is to sell clothes so much like new that no one needs to know the outfits were ever in someone else's closet. At the same time, it gives the seller a chance to recover some of the cost of an expensive mistake--and everyone makes them.

Selection tends toward classic sweaters, slacks and jackets in neutrals and basic blues, greens and reds. It's a useful option for someone building a career wardrobe on an entry-level salary. Men, in particular, benefit from quality consignment shops since sources for their career clothes tend to be both fewer and more expensive than women's options.

Nine Lives, 9 Montebello Way, 408.354.9169

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