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Web Access Consignment International is pronounced "Wacky", but it is serious consignment store software. Designed for new businesses, WACI provides the basic features needed to start and manage a consignment business, enabling you to deliver top-notch service to customers and consigners. And WACI gives you everything you need at the lowest possible cost.

WACI runs only online, and you can practice with it all you want for free. Spend an hour or two with WACI and you will become a Consignment Expert. There is no simpler Consignment software available anywhere! Read on to see what WACI has to offer, or

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WACI is available in two versions. The Demo Version is fully-functional and pre-loaded with a small sample inventory. You may access the demo as often as you like, and use it for as long as you like, provided you read and agree to the Demo Version terms and conditions of use. This gives you a chance to test all the features of WACI.

Note: The inventory and account information is reset every time you start the demo. Do not use the Demo Version to run your business!!

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The Live Version of the software is a real, fully-functional on-line software package. Before you use the Live Version, you must agree to the Live Version terms and conditions of use, and apply for an account. Instructions for applying for an account are at the end of the Live Version terms and conditions of use.

Read the Live Version terms and conditions of use, check on prices, and apply for an account.

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