Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad


The railroad operates from a corner of Oak Meadow Park, passes over Los Gatos Creek on a bridge made from a Southern Pacific 89 foot piggy back flat car, and on through the adjacent Vasona park in Los Gatos California. The ride is over 1 mile long and includes a scenic view of Los Gatos Creek, Vasona Park, a lon A manually operated switch in the main line allows the crew to reverse the direction of travel over the majority of the route. This gives the morning passengers a different perspective than the afternoon folks.

After each run, the locomotive is rotated on a turntable and recoupled so that it always leads the passenger cars without the need for a track loop.


There are two locomotives, the primary one, Number 2, is a 1905 vintage steam engine of the 2-6-2 prairie type, weighing approximately four tons. This was constructed to a 1/3 scale running on an 18 inch gauge track. The backup locomotive is a diesel/hydraulic powered unit , custom-built by a manufacturer of miniature locomotives in Chicago. Number 2502 took its place on the motive roster in the summer of 1992 to relieve the Number 2 when the steamer is down for repair. Four passenger cars and one handicapable car were built since 1971 in the railroad's own shops at Oak Meadow by volunteers. The passenger cars weigh about 2,000 pounds with a capacity of 24 seated riders.


Both the station and engine house were designed by a local architectural firm and most of the construction was accomplished by volunteer labor. The station is distinctively adorned by a clock tower.The steam locomotive is supported by an authentic water tank across from the station.


Each year there are over 100,000 riders. The facility operates all year (see Schedule) as long as it isn't raining. Special runs, outside the normal schedule, may be requested by writing to the:

Board of Directors Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad
P.O. Box 234
Los Gatos CA 95031
The request should list the name and purpose of the organization, day and dates desired, and the estimated number of participants. The board meets the third Tuesday of each month, therefore requests should be submitted prior to that date.


The Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad is a non-profit California corporation with an active Board of Directors which meets monthly.
Bill Mason Jr...President
Don Callahan...Treasurer
Harold Johnson...Secretary
Barbara Phinney...Historian
Dyana Leland...Executive Director

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