Town of Los Gatos
Los Gatos Creek Trail

These portions of the Los Gatos Creek Trail were completed in 1995. Come check it out! Movies... Now you can walk, bike, or jog from Lexington Reservoir to San Jose without having to get off and use congested Town streets. This 0.9 mile section is between Old Town and Blossom Hill Road adjacent to beautiful Los Gatos Creek. We hope you enjoy it.

While you're here, come downtown, buy a cup of coffee, a cold drink, a snack, or a full meal at one of the many fine Los Gatos restaurants, or do some shopping. (There are bicycle and in-line skate shops downtown as well.)

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a large map.

This is an example of the beautiful scenery along the new section of trail.

Here, Russ Matesso, project manager for this portion of the Los Gatos Creek Trail demonstrates where the elevated trail section will be placed. (Completed in 1995)

This section is now complete. It's the toughest section of trail for the Town to build - where we had to squeeze the trail between Highway 17 and the Los Gatos Creek. Sound walls have been constructed to separate freeway traffic from the trail.

Hit this image for a map of the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

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