Los Gatos, California, USA

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Travelers and Visitors

Los Gatos is a small, picturesqe town filled with unique shops, restaurants, beautiful parks, and historic sites. There is a Main Street and an Old Town to explore.

Los Gatos is also known for the unique events which are scheduled in and around the town.

Road Map of San Jose and Los Gatos Area

Downtown Los Gatos Parking Map

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Town Businesses and Prospective Businesses

Los Gatos provides a showcase environment for businesses, large and small. The historic buildings, scenic location and ease of access to the Town are all part of the magic that make Los Gatos a desirable place to visit and do business.

The arrival of a Web server has provided an environment for virtual businesses to be based in the Town.

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Churches, Places of Worship and Religious Organizations

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Local Residents

Town information is available in this area.

Information for Residents

The Town of Los Gatos is expanding its presence on the World Wide Web. Construction is underway to create the town infrastructure, business, shopping and recreation areas, and to provide travel information. Come back soon!

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